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Since the birth of our company, quality has been a goal that we wanted to pursue with extreme decision and perseverance and now after 40 years of constant presence on the market, this has made ELTREV a well-known and appreciated brand in the electronics sector:

Since 1997 the ELTREV quality system has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards

Since 2019 The ELTREV quality system is certified according to the standards  EN 9100

Nr. 1 CIT (Certified IPC-A610 Trainer) Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
Nr. 7 CIS (Certified IPC-A610 Specialist) Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
Nr. 2 CIS (Certified IPC J-STD-001) Requirements for Soldered Electrical and

Electronic Assemblies + Addendum Space Application Electronic Hardware

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