ELTREV srl is a service company specializing in assembly, production and after-sales assistance of electronic boards and equipment in many sectors, the main ones being:
From 1981, Foundation year, with the determined desire aimed at constant growth both in terms of technology and know-how , meets the needs of its customers with cutting-edge solutions in the electronic assembly sector. The evolution to the concept of industry 4.0 and the consequent production revolution is a further step now acquired in projection of the new developments required by the market. Over the years the company has constantly invested in process control equipment such as AOI, SPI, X-RAY. The same applies to special processes such as tropicalization and selective welding and personnel management and training methods according to IPC regulations.
Perseverance in achieving our mission has led us to develop and test new technologies that are constantly put at the service of our customers, with the aim of creating a partnership , which gives the possibility to share fundamental aspects of the productive world, such as the definition of processes, the procurement of raw materials and their traceability.